Bedtime Blessings


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Looking for a way to help ease your kids bedtime resistance?

Going to sleep can feel very daunting for children of all ages given it’s usually associated with a lengthy stretch of separation from caregivers, that’s why focusing on connection right before bed is key!

Wondering how you might be able to do this outside of the usual ideas that you’ve already tried? Then it’s time to welcome authentic moments of love and togetherness with our Bedtime Blessings Deck.

30 dreamy affirmation cards with poems written from the heart to help kids let go of the day and welcome sleep in the most loving and nurturing way.

Created as a positive sleep strategy for our own children’s sleep challenges; our kids Heny & Haze resonated so deeply with our words and actions that we felt called to bring this ritual to life for other families to benefit from as well.

Designed to transform the mood and mindset for both kids and caregivers from dreading bedtime to looking forward to sharing an enjoyable experience together every evening!

We can’t wait for you and your family to reap the rewards of this simple and effective sleep ritual.

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