Golden Child X Lulu Pawlik Organic Baby Swaddle Sunset

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Discover Golden Child's newest collection of baby swaddles designed by the beautiful Lulu Pawlik that are inspired by the beauty of the sun, sea, sea, vibrant colours, and retro vibes. With their eye-catching patterns and soft, breathable fabric, they provide the perfect cocoon for your baby, allowing them to sleep peacefully and securely. Whether you're strolling along the beach or simply enjoying a sunny day, our Lulu Pawlik x Golden Child baby swaddle collection adds a touch of fun to your little explorer's journey.

Swaddles are an essential item for every parent, and this little baby is a multi-purpose gem! As a proven way to settle your little one, you can’t have enough good-quality swaddles around you during this time. From swaddling your little one to being used as a pram cover, nursing cover, tummy time mat, or a comforting blanket during the day or night – the holiday Swaddle has you covered.

Size - 120cm x 120cm

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